Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Did It Begin?

How Did It Begin? – Dr. Rudi Brasch and Li Brasch

Any guesses on what this book is about? It’s the background of various customs, traditions, beliefs, and habits that we take for granted in everyday interactions, but actually have a reason as to why things are done a specific way. Whether it’s the best man (who initially helped the groom to steal his bride and then guarded her until the wedding day), how beer first came about (bread accidentally got into the concoction, and the first time beer made it into recorded history was around 6000 B.C), or how bunnies and eggs became associated with Easter (both related to fertility and rebirth, and both adopted from pagan worship), this book will tell you pretty much anything you never thought you wanted to know, but now that the subject has been brought up, it’s a very interesting story to hear.

Dr. Rudi Brasch was a researcher for “Encyopledia Britannica,” so from his lifetime of research, he came to be known as quite an expert on origins. This book is broken down simply enough – each chapter tackles a topic, like national symbols, time, and naval traditions, and discusses various sub-topics related to the overall theme. Some chapters are longer than others. However, it reads more like an encyclopedia than a novel, so I recommend taking it in small doses – no more than a chapter at a time. Very interesting conversation starter, but hard to keep up with during a two hour lull at school.

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