Monday, February 11, 2013

The Book of Awesome

The Book of Awesome - Neil Pasricha

Sometimes you're having a bad day, then one little thing happens to turn it all around. Or sometimes you're having a great day, and one little thing happens to make it that much better. Or it’s just an all-around amazing day when everything is going right. Whatever the case may be, those little things are worth taking note of. In fact, why not make a whole list out of them? Whether you’re smacking electronics to make them work, high-fiving babies, or enjoying the cool side of your pillow, these little things are what make life AWESOME!

“The Book of Awesome” is just a list of awesome things. Some items are accompanied by lengthy descriptions explaining the exact circumstances in which said awesome event is so awesome, while others are just quick entries emphasizing that the awesome event is awesome exactly the way it is. Pasricha writes in a conversational style that sounds exactly how you would speak if you were defending deep-held beliefs about what makes life so great. The easy-going writing style underscores the value of the materials by making it accessible. “The Book of Awesome” is fun, easy to read, and plain old awesome. Since it is written in list format, it doesn’t lend itself to extended reading, but it’s great to pick up and just read a few items on the list. It reminds you of all the little things that deserve your attention because they are so great in such a simple way.

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